Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sony Vaio and health food

Sunday March 4, 2012: We just drove to her campus to bring her the new Sony Vaio laptop. As we were driving back she texted us: I am in love with my new computer. Thank you both so much!

So happy to hear. How do you already know it’s a good one?

Cuz its not making scary noises like the other one and lol and I connected to the internet and its really fast. And it’s a lot lighter.

Please take good care of it so it doesn’t get stolen. It’s a very popular computer. I marked it with nail polish and wrote down all the numbers on the back, so you have proof it’s yours if it gets stolen. Just don’t leave it lying around.
Ik I wont
Thursday, March 8, 2012:
Text: I hate that healthy food is so expensive
Are you shopping?
What r u buying? Glad to hear it’s healthy. At least some of it.
Yes, and its 4 freaking dollars for a stinking lean cuisine
Wow, must not be on sale. I usually get them for 2 dollars. Find something similar that’s cheaper
The cheap stuff has more calories
Then buy the more expensive stuff if it’s better. Lesson in life.
March 28, 2012: look what a reader posted on my facebook wall: I read your book this weekend, i was visiting my daughter, started reading and couldn't stop. I went home 2 hrs. later than planned because i was not going to leave until i was finished. I absolutely loved it. If i had teenagers at home, boy or girl , i would make them read it. Can't wait for your other book to come out. I know i will enjoy it too.
Aww that's cutee

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