Friday, March 2, 2012

New Computer and Travel Plans

Wednesday, Feb 22, 2012: I was bartending today, it was epic so much fun
Awesome, so glad to hear. Did you serve others, got tips? Having fun is great.
Why can't you look on your fb profile before Saturday where your groups are listed? I need to know for my presentation with the "Sister in Crime" writers' group. Mom
I need a new computer bad. The fan is making the weirdest noise like something is stuck in it and I'm scared it will stop and overheat soo can we please look for one soon like real soon
Please send make and serial number of your laptop, so we can check if it's still under warranty. I might take it. We'll look for a new one, do you have anything in mind? (Yup, she sure did: the Sony Vaio it turns out). Just send me the number and name for now. And what about the groups on fb?
Tuesday, February 28, 2012: Hey Schatz,
Hannah is thinking of coming to Germany with us! I will call the airline guy if he has an extra seat available for the 17 of August, if not, she might have to fly in on her own or maybe the two of you can go together, we'll see. It would definitely be better if three of you would go to Berlin, safety wise. Wouldn't that be so cool? Mom
Yay!! That would be so awesomeee

Daughter's Funeral Song

Thursday, February 15, 2012:
lol remember when i told u that i wanted my funeral song to be from hollywood undead...well i just discovered this one and i think its a lot better so im changing it lol dont get scared im not gonna kill myself or anything im just letting u know just in case
its called if i die young by the band perry
Okay, I'll make a note of it. But only if you promise me not to die until you're 99. I'm all choked up.
Please, God can't handle me in heaven right now and satan is afraid of me I'm not going anywhere anytime soon
Good to know. Luv ya
Love u too is still think its a good song tho did u listen to it?
Yes, that's why I said I choked up

Giants Win The Superbowl!!

And then the Giants won the Superbowl.
Alex was with her friends at a 6-guys-living-in-one-suite on campus and called us right after the Giants won, to celebrate with her total-Giants-fan father.
The next day I received this text.
I'm so mad that tuesdays are my busiest day cuz the giants parade is in ny on that day and I live 15 min away! So many people from school are going :(
I got my own table yesterday cuz it was slow and kurt the guy who was training me was like busing the table behind me so he can still hear what was going on and could still help if I needed it. It was easy tho cuz these people come here a lot and knew exactly what they wanted and didn't ask a lot of questions
I think I would make an exception and just go to the parade. It's early in the semester and hopefully you can make up your classes with notes from others. Screw school tomorrow, go to the parade. 
I love u so much! I'm gonna go to my 930 to 1045 class cuz my professor is a lil nuts and calls people out on missing class and I don't want him to do that to me lol
Will that still be time enough to make it to the parade? Do not drive in your car, of course! Is it tomorrow? Keep texting me how it all goes down, sweetheart. When does it start?
It starts at 11 so we'll just take the next train
Are you going with others who are also going in later? I don't want you to miss it. Just go when the last goers leave, don't finish class and then go all by yourself.
I'm going with my friends. They r going the entire length of broadway if we get there by like 1130 we really wouldn't have missed much cuz they start all the way at the bottom and go all the way to the top
I just watched them land on tv in the caf it was exciting
Super atmosphere, right? Tomorrow will rock.
Ik I'm so excited
New Jersey will not get left out of the action.
In a Twitter post, Gov. Chris Christie said a rally for Big Blue would take place Tuesday at 3 p.m. at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. "@GovChristie: All Giants fans in NJ should be there if you can."
You just got permission from the governor. Just promise me and yourself that you will make up your missed classes and all homework, and that is only an exception, not a thing you can do more often. I am happy that you can go tomorrow, just text me every once in a while, so I can 'be there' too. Mom
Oh of course all of my professors are on black board which is a website thing where they post all of their power points and hw so ill be on there
Cool. Soooo happy for you. Shall I tell Dad? If not and he sees you on the telly he'll pee.
Did u just say telly?
Yeah, I turned into a Brit
That's okay I'm jamaican this week yeamon
Tuesday, February 7, 2012: Let's face it, she would have gone to the parade anyway, but now she had my blessing and texted me about her experiences all day long. All in all, she was so glad she went. She saw Eli on the float and the whole day was awesome.
If I were you, I would shoot for making it to the 4:30 class. Making up is a bitch,no?
My 430 got cancelled
She came home that weekend after work and arrived shortly before 2AM. I was waiting up. The pets sprinted to the door when she walked in and we talked for an hour, sitting on the couch. I asked about the parade. Everybody wore blue, everybody was super excited. There were alcohol bottles and cups everywhere, the cops didn't even try to stop it. Alex told me she and her friends were in line for the bathroom in a restaurant. The ladies' line was out the door whereas the men's line was short as usual.  A lady came in and lined up in the short men's queue, then cut everybody by jumping in front when the ladies' door opened and just walked in. People were cursing and threatening her, but there was one particularly tough woman who shouted, "wait till she comes out, I'll punch her in the face." Woman comes out, and the lady punches her in the face so hard that blood was flying. She bust her lip wide open. The woman being hit was in shock and cried, while her friend ran to get her husband, who called out for the cops. Anyway, that was a sight to see. Alex said, she doubts that woman will ever cut the line again. It was epic.

Restaurant Server Advice From Mom

Wed January 25, 2012:
Ooh, I'm so excited, finally an email from you with some text in it. I wish you all the best and especially patience dealing with difficult customers. You have to keep smiling, stay respectful, then punch the wall in the back room when you're done dealing with them. Some are looking at it as a game to see if they get a free meal out of it and will complain no matter what. Just call the manager and let him deal with it. No gravy over their heads, no matter how much you feel like it. Just remember, you don't have to go home with these jerks and they will be out of your life shortly. 
Your feet/legs will hurt, your arms from carrying heavy trays, but you can do it if you put your mind to it. You just need to remember who ordered what and your memory is amazing.
My class? Haha. My professor is older than your grandpa, he must be in his eighties. He's adorable and quite good just hard of hearing and he shuffles around. Seems like XXX is where all the professors go instead of retiring, it's very strange. He talked in English about the history of Spain and Mexico, then gave us Spanish homework. But I can do it. It's definitely not as good a class as my Public Speaking one, people wise I mean, and I miss them. We all became Facebook friends.
Oh, something funny. I added our New Year's pictures to your father's facebook site last night and while he was downstairs, I did the same thing Vinny always does to Dan from my last class, posting stuff on Dan's site as if he was him. So for two hours, while we watched TV downstairs, your father had these two posts on his fb:
Three dolphins walk into a hookah bar
I throw ball like a girl.
Then I commented as if I were Dad: Who the f***s on my facebook?
Nobody saw it because he only has 16 friends, but he was so pissed when he finally saw it and I had to delete it.
Well, that's all from home for now. I did enter "Skinny for Just One Day" in the Amazon Breakout Novel Contest and then sent the manuscript to my editor for the March agent conference. It's so much better now because of your help.
Your pets are doing fine, at least we have them to keep us occupied.
Love you, Mom

Tuesday, January 31, 2012: How was your day?
It was good. alyssa's boyfriend broke up with her today so Im hanging out with her
Aww, is she ok? How long have they been together? He's not on campus, right?
No, he goes to XXX and they were together since senior year.
Why did he break up? She's still able to go to work with you, right? Also, remember you have class tomorrow morning.
No, not until 6 at night.
So how is she?
And then the Giants won the Superbowl.

She's back on campus

Jan 24, 2012. She's back on campus since last week, and immediately landed a job at Ruby Tuesday's.
Congratulations again on your job, but please keep in mind that school comes first. Do not accept any hours that would interfere with your classes. It's not worth it.
As a server you will have to deal with nasty, demanding people. You cannot pour the gravy over them when they get on your nerves like the mother did in my new novel. You'll have to stay friendly and polite no matter what. I wish you good luck.
Thanks for texting us about the Giants winning, we were nervous wrecks and couldn't watch, and then twitter was on overload and froze. What a nerve-wracking game!
Dad invited Trafton up for the Superbowl, so I guess party at our house if you can make it. If you have to work that day, don't worry about it. It would probably be very exiting at any restaurant watching the Superbowl with a team from the neighborhood. Mom

No answer

Next email from mom, a day later:
Do you need to let Authentic know that you got the job at Ruby Tuesday's?
How many hours will they give you, what's your wage, how does it work with tips, and what did you do at orientation?
Please answer my questions, I am so nosy but that's good.
We are proud of you, Maureen says congratulations, and did you order any more books? Shoot me an email so I can transfer money for books and work clothes to your account. Mom
oh cool
Huh? Can you please answer your lonely old mother's questions?
She called: Mom, you're in your forties, have a ton of co-workers, and a writing career on the side. What do you mean, old and lonely?
That's what it feels like without you in the house.
yes i will call them to let them know it went through and that i have a job now.
i dont know about hours yet but i told him i can work thursday though sunday and i get minimum wage plus tips and he says that if i do good he can get me to be the bartender within a month even by valentines day maybe so im gonna do my best.
me and alyssa start training on sunday we do get paid for training but like barely anything but we do get to keep our tips if we make any during training.
orientation we just watched a movie on how ruby tuesdays got started and we just filled out our paper work.
i didnt order any more books yet but by tonight i will have had all my classes so i will order the last books together tonight